Cloud-Based Digital Signage Proven to Enhance Company Culture

Culture enhancement through digital signage in the workplace has become an increasingly popular way for organizations to communicate their values, mission, and vision to employees. By displaying motivational quotes, company updates, and recognition of employee achievements, digital signage can create a more positive and engaging work environment. This type of signage also helps to break down silos and foster a sense of community, as employees are given a platform to share their experiences and achievements with their colleagues. This not only reinforces the company’s cultural values but also helps to foster a sense of pride and belonging among employees.

Enhanced Company Culture Through Employee-Focused Digital Signage

Digital signage can be an effective tool for engaging employees in the workplace. With eye-catching displays and dynamic content, digital signage can capture employees’ attention and provide them with important information and updates in a visually appealing way. You send us the content, we’ll implement it.

Screen Size & Orientation Options that Adjust to Your Workplace Environment

Choosing the right screen size and orientation for your digital signage is an important consideration to make. It will depend on the viewing distance, and ultimately the location of the display. Our platform has a number of options to help ensure that your digital signage works well in its environment.

Choose a Plan that Fits Your Needs

  • Employee First
    Boost employee retention
  • Popular
    Culture Enhancer
    Strengthen company culture
Features Employee First
Boost employee retention
Culture Enhancer
Strengthen company culture
Company Mission & Values
Main cover page with company branding.
Hiring Page
Increase your job postings with your current workforce. Give incentives and provide direct access to applications.
Employee of the Month
Contains the current EOM plus a record of all past EOMs throughout the year.
Manager of the Quarter
Features a current MOQ plus past MOQs up to 4 per year.
Employee Spotlight
Includes up to 4 employee bios per month.
Employee Shoutouts
Dedicated shoutouts. 5 per package. Each additional $10.
Flyer Uploads
Submit company-created flyers on the screen.
Yearly Awards
Features Employee, Manager, and Department of the Year.
Social Media Hub
One-stop location to access social media channels of the company. Includes 1 dynamic QR code.
Festive Animations
Includes fun and exciting animated videos to celebrate holidays throughout the year.
Realtime Instagram Feed
What better way to indulge in the culture?
Realtime Customer Reviews
Utilizing TripAdvisor, see the reviews customers leave for their experiences.
Live Widgets
Features News, Weather, Time, Sports Scores, Countdown Timer, and much more.
Inspirational Quotes
So simple, so meaningful.
Background Music
Fill the room with “The Good Life Live Radio”
Leadership Package
Includes an updatable message from leadership and a leadership org chart.
Meet the Team
Department specific employee roster.
Bulletin Board
Includes 4 dynamic QR code links.
Suggestion Box
Receive live suggestions from employees. Includes 1 dynamic QR code.
Monthly Birthdays
16 entries per page. Up to 2 pages max.
Monthly Anniversaries
12 entries per page. Up to 2 pages max.
Monthly Calendar
Sync your Google or Outlook calendar to your screen to share upcoming events.
Job Satisfaction Survey
Find out how your employee really feel. Includes 1 dynamic QR code.
Live Workplace Photo Updates
Take candid photos and have them quickly posted to your screen.
1-Hour of Custom Design
Have an idea? Let us make it come to life.
Select PlanSelect Plan

Package prices do not include startup or hardware costs. Mirrored screens are an additional $60/mo.


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